Get Rich Quick – A Genuine Scheme Or a Scam?

The question I am always asked is “Do they work?”

My answer is usually a blunt “No, they do not work…well, not for you!”

There are many angles to these work at home business and the GRQ is actually part of another, much grander scheme. Hopefully you are intelligent enough to realise when something is too good to be true…

The simple idea behind the GRQ, is that an individual is selling valuable information, software, marketing tools etc, that will guarantee your success if used properly. They will often offer a money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied. Now, I don’t know about you…but I would not bother chasing an individual for my money back on a $5 piece of software. The limited guarantee will use legal jargon to illicit itself from the terms of such an agreement. There is no authority to help you chase up any claim should you require a refund, and such any refund will be offered under a limited stature, ie; a 30 day money back guarantee. The chances are, from the date of purchase it will take many months to wholly utilise any information as stated in the guarantee, therefore exempting themselves from any such agreement. It is on this basis that the GRQ guru makes his or her money. The information will be more than likely out dated, copied, incomplete, too technical to understand and usually designed to put people off before they even finish reading it. Again, it is this vague marketing of the product that relinquishes the seller of any comeback…they pray on the fickle human nature of someone who, for example, would even believe it was that simple to GET RICH QUICK!

“In a court of law, there is nothing about the GRQ that is technically illegal, you will receive exactly what you pay for. Basically, 99.9% of people will not understand, nor finish the literature.”

As times change, individuals have also had to adapt to the change in the market. Any businessman will know that to increase profitability, you have to decrease your costs and increase your market presence.

It is this very basic principal that has led to the turbo-seller! The cheek of this GRQ scheme is almost brilliant…

These new age GRQ program sellers, sell you little more than a few lines in an email and a few page-fronts to choose from. This has been so successful, that within ten minutes of browsing, I encountered no less then 17 different pages displaying the very same graphics. How can this be?

The seller will claim a 100% return on the buyer’s initial investment. Once purchased, the seller will (often in an automated email) dispatch say, 4 or 5 ready made front pages offering the very same content as the individual has just bought, with an email stating all they have to do is replicate their experience…and they will too make their return. Do this over and over again, and I would say it is possible to make some money…but not a lot. The market is already over saturated and without the know how to generate your own front pages and graphics…and the frame of mind not to have thought of the idea yourself…people inevitably get bored and give up. Meanwhile, the consumer becomes increasingly wise to seeing the same material on every website…and knows there is no more to this scam than, well, a scam!

The important thing to remember with the GRQ, which is true for nearly all internet schemes, is that they very cleverly, and legally, sell you exactly what they advertise.